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IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open

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Serus                                       1AA

IDM Bucharest International Bowling Open

4th Edition, 18 - 24 November 2013

Approval status
Approved by The national federation, ETBF and WTBA
Classification WTBA Tournament
Open for Players from all WTBA member federations

Tournament information
Tournament organiser IDM Club
Centre IDM Club, Bucharest, Romania
Federation Romanian Ninepin and Tenpin Federation
Category Single mixed open
Woman handicap 8 pins per game
Entry fee Monday-Thursday: 60 Euro*
Friday-Saturday: 80 Euro*
Re-entry fee Monday-Thursday: 50 Euro*
Friday-Saturday: 60 Euro*
Desperado fee 30 Euro*
*) equivalent in RON according to BNRís exchange rate

Tournament contact information
Contact persons Mr. Marius Briciu
Mr. Dragos Tigoianu
Centre address Splaiul Independentei 319B, Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania
GPS coordinates: N 44.434286o
E 26.04896o
Phone (0040)21-316.10.52
Mobile (0040)722.454.273
Fax (0040)21-316.09.53
Centre specifications
Lanes 14 lanes, Brunswick Anvilane Glow Pro
(6 lanes in sector A and 8 lanes in sector B)
Pin desks Brunswick
Pin setters Brunswick GS-X
Pins Brunswick Max
Score system Brunswick

Dressing specifications
Oil Machine Authority
Oil Brunswick
Cleaner Brunswick
Pattern prepared by Brunswick-IDM Bucharest Open

Prize money
Net Prize Money ANet Prize Money B
1st Place2500 Euro*1st Place350 Euro*
2ndPlace1500 Euro*2ndPlace300 Euro*
3rd - 4th Place1000 Euro*3rd Place250 Euro*
5th - 8th Place700 Euro*4th Place200 Euro*
9th - 16th Place450 Euro*5th - 8th Place150 Euro*
17th - 24th300 Euro*
Highest score200 Euro*Highest score100 Euro*
Total net funds15.000 Euro*Total net funds1.800 Euro*
Total funds (tax included)17.857 Euro*Total funds (tax included)2.143 Euro*
*) equivalent in RON according to BNR exchange rate

Tournament format
Primary entry, 6 games
Re-entries, 6 games
Top 4 at the end of Thursday general classification will qualify for the final steps.
Top 18 at the end of Saturday general classification will qualify for the final steps (excluding top 4 from Monday-Thursday). All 22 players qualified will be ordered by totals of their best 6 game squad and will be seeded 1-22.
For B category the rankings will be established after the Qualification Stage, taking in consideration the average.
Players must inform the organizing committee which is the category he/she plays for. For category B, all the players need a document to certify (through a document from their national federation) that they have an annual average less than 180 points.
All the scores count for A category. For instance, if a player is registered for B category, but his score qualifies him in top 24 players for A category, he will pass to the next round as well and he will earn the prize for B category as well.

Desperado Squad
Desperado squad, no oiling, 10 minutes practice, 1 game. First 2 will qualify for the final steps, seeded 23-24.

Final Step 1
16 players (seeded 9-24) will play 6 games starting from scratch. Players positioned 1-8 are qualified for the final step 2. Players positioned 9-16 will be ranked 17-24.

Final Step 2
16 players (top 8 from the final step 1 and players seeded 1-8) will play 6 games starting from scratch. Players positioned 1-8 are qualified for the final step 3. Players positioned 9-16 will be ranked 9-16.

Final Step 3
Best 8 players are playing in a pyramidal system, 2 games out of 3. Player ranked 1 will play with player ranked 8, 5 w 4, 3 w 6, 2 w 7.

After registration the tournament director will draw to establish the sector distribution. (A or B) In sector A, squads will start with 15 minutes delay.
Bowlers will play two games on the same pair of lanes, in cross. After that, they will change the lanes according to the following rules:
- Players from the even numbered lanes will move two lanes on the right
- Players from the odd numbered lanes will move two lanes on the left
The ranking in the Fourth Step will be established following the rules:
- According to the average of the Fourth Step games
- Places 5 Ė 8 will be set starting from the average score of the Fourth Step. In case of tie will be considered the last game. If the scores are identical, players will bowl once.

WTBA Regulation and Playing Rules will be applied.

Tournament tie rules
Qualification and the final step 1-3
In case of a tie, the highest ranked player will be the player with the highest last game in a step. If a tie still exists the highest ranked player will be the player with the highest second last game in a step etc.

In case of tie in the desperado squad, the highest positioned player will be the player with the highest position after the qualification.

Final step 3
In case of a tie in a match in the final step, a one ball roll off on a full set of pins will be played, repeated until the tie is broken.

Booking policies
Booking restriction before A maximum of three squads can be booked before the tournament starts and maximum two of the bookings can be for squads on Friday and Saturday.
Booking restriction during Maximum three non played entries.
Total number of bookings No
Booking cancellations Possible
Booking administration Squad lists with priority numbers 1-NN.
Order of bookings First subscribed, first served. Lowest priority numbers are served.
Booking added The booking is given an priority number, which is higher than the priority number in the previous list.
Booking removed All priority numbers, which are higher than the priority number of the canceled booking, are reduced by one

Tournament schedule
Monday - Thursday Qualifications squads at 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100
Friday - Saturday Qualifications squads at 1000, 1400, 1800, 2200
Saturday Desperado at the end of squad 24 (at 0015)
Sunday First step: 900 - sector B
Second step: 1200 - sector B
Third step: 1530 - sector B
Semi-finals: 1630 - sector B
The Final: 1930 - sector A, lanes A3 - A4
Award ceremony: 2100

Bjorn Rudshagen

... and we have a winer! IBIBO 2013 end on Sunday with the victory of Bjorn Rudshagen (Norway) over Giannis Stathatos (Greece).


Tel. 072-BILIARD, 072-BOWLING, 021-316.10.52
City guidelines

Welcome to Bucharest!

Bucharest is undoubtedly Europeís best kept secret. Restaurants, bars, art galleries and museums are now springing up on every corner. Travellers are steadily discovering this little gem of a city and seeking out Bucharestís hidden character. Its treasures are well worth hunting for and visitors will find in their quest a place of warmth and spirit.

As one of Europeís most up and coming destinations, Bucharest has had to react quickly to its new found status. As a result, there are a bevy of recently opened venues to eat, drink, shop, club and sleep. Not only this, but standards are high and local residents have come to expect the best.

From Piata Universitatii most sights of interest are easily accessible and equally the nearby Calea Victoriei is a great starting point for shopping particularly. These two landmarks constitute the central Bucharest area where many of the most well-known restaurants and bars are situated. Walking in this part of the city is the best way to see Bucharest.

Parliament Palace

Built during Ceausescuís regime, the Palace of Parliament is Romaniaís most famous building. A public tour of the opulent staircases and chandelier-filled rooms offers a fascinating insight.

Arch of Triumph

Similar to its Paris namesake, Bucharestís Triumphal Arch remembers Romaniaís Great War soldiers and its reunification in 1918. Initially the arch was built of wood in 1922, and then finished in Deva granite in 1936.

Lipscani District

Lipscani, Bucharestís historic centre, retains an old town charm which is almost irresistible! It is located between Calea Victoriei, Blvd. Bratianu, Blvd. Regina Elisabeta and the Dambovita River and its collection of winding streets boasts antique markets, bric-a-brac spilling out from tiny boutiques and some of the cityís most appealing restaurants and bars.

National Art Museum

Romaniaís most impressive art collection is displayed in this sprawling Royal Palace (National Art Museum). Take in works by Rembrandt and El Greco, among a host of European works.

University Square

In addition to being the centre for Bucharestís intellectual and political events and the most popular meeting place in Bucharest, the University Sqare has a dramatic history. During the 1989 revolution some of Romaniaís fiercest fighting took place here. Close by are also the University of Bucharestís School of Architecture, the National Theatre, the Coltea Hospital and the Sutu Palace (History Museum).

Romanian Athenaeum

The superb Romanium Athenaeum is the hub of Bucharestís musical activity. Exquisite mosaics and historical frescoes adorn the 19th century circular building, which hosts impressive orchestral concerts.

Piata Revolutiei

Whilst University Square saw some of the darkest days of Ceausescuís regime, events at Revolution Sqare heralded the beginning of a new age. This building now houses the Senate.
Close by are the former Royal Palace, now home to the National Art Museum, the Romanian Athenaeum and the Athenee Palace Hotel. Also the Kretzulescu Church.

(From 'Bucharest Travel Guide'